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Welcome to Our Community!
The Board of Directors welcomes you to our community website. If you are a resident of our community, please log into the private side of the website. This website is provided by R&E Associates, our Management Company.


·Owners are reminded that Sunrise Terrace is a year-round access condominium association, and not a year-round occupancy condominium association.  Per the Ogunquit Zoning Ordinance: The minimum stay shall be one (1) night, and the maximum stay shall be twenty-eight (28) days.
·All unit owners who rent their unit, are reminded that the Town of Ogunquit and Sunrise Terrace have regulations and guidelines with a specific 7-day minimum rental period.  The Sunrise Terrace documents, as well as the Ogunquit document, are listed under the Association Files tab, Assoc Docs – Rules & Regs – Etc. on our website. - The rental period - Starts: 2nd full week of April and ends the 3rd full week in December.