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Welcome to Our Community!
The Board of Directors welcomes you to our community website. If you are a resident of our community, please log into the private side of the website. This website is provided by R&E Associates, our Management Company.


·Owners are reminded that Sunrise Terrace is a year-round access condominium association, and not a year-round occupancy condominium association.  Per the Ogunquit Zoning Ordinance: The minimum stay shall be one (1) night, and the maximum stay shall be twenty-eight (28) days.
·All unit owners who rent their unit, are reminded that the Town of Ogunquit and Sunrise Terrace have regulations and guidelines with a specific 7-day minimum rental period.  The Sunrise Terrace documents, as well as the Ogunquit document, are listed under the Association Files tab, Assoc Docs – Rules & Regs – Etc. on our website. - The rental period - Starts: 2nd full week of April and ends the 3rd full week in December. 

Recent use of Flushable Wipes resulted in an alarm alerting us that there 
was an issue and malfunction of our sewer waste pump.
Just to make everyone aware, here at Sunrise yes, we are hooked up to the town's sewer system. 
However, in order to utilize the town's  sewer system, we are responsible to move our
 precious waste up to Route 1.  
This function is accomplished by our pump system located in the ground just beyond the G Tower.
This pump is inspected and maintained on an annual basis to maintain it's healthy operation. 
We do this regular maintenance to hopefully prevent a total replacement of the pump that would 
be  a HUGE capital expense item that in all likelihood would result in a special assessment.
Unfortunately, this recent incident cost the Association (AKA us owners) a total service charge
 in the amount of $525.00.
On behalf of the entire association, the Sunrise Board is asking that you do not use these wipes 
on the Sunrise Campus. 
Here's what is being said on the internet:
“Utility workers around the world retrieve tons of clogged waste from sewer systems annually. And a big part of this waste is flushable wipes that didn’t disintegrate as they should have. So, while flushable wipes seem like a great idea,
in the long run, they can end up causing millions of dollars in damages to septic systems, both home and publicly.”
Thank You - Sunrise BOD